24 October 2013


Orangery is designed 2009 and built mostly by my husband. There are quite a lot of pics taken on this house, by the owner and also by those who think its a great buildning and who also enjoys the garden design for the whole area.

The Orangery with kitchen and toilet

The plan for the future if you want to live there all year round

Showing a coloures skiss of the garden around the Orangery, the new fence to the neighbor, the ground before pouring the concrete and the house is taking form

Orangeriet ritade jag 2009, det var det sista jag gjorde för kunden, men absolut inte det första. Orangeriet låg på en tomt som egentligen Kommunen ville ha som en öppen area mot naturen, det tog lite övertalan men sen igen gillade stadsarkitekten byggnadsförslaget så det hela godkändes.

I will be back!!