03 October 2013

I love Wanås!!!


Mission Wanås Art produces, presents, and procures art that challenges and redefines society. This means Wanås Art wants to work at the forefront of contemporary art, at the point where it is developing, influencing, and changing. Our invited artists are making the newest contemporary art regardless of their age. This also means that Wanås Art is sensitive to the international art scene and its movements. Though New York and London dominated during the 1980s and 90s, the art world today is global, and countries and regions outside of the West have a strong presence. This fact is reflected at Wanås.

Contemporary art and culture should be for the many. This means Wanås Arts introduces new art to both the initiated and the novice. Everyone deserves the opportunity to take part in our art, knowledge, and enjoy the experience of Wanås.

Core Values
​​ Excellence and availability. Wanås Arts strives to make everything we produce, present, and communicate of the highest possible quality, and to make our work available to everyone, as far as it is possible, both physically and intellectually.

Wanås är verkligen ett fantastiskt ställe, tyvärr är detta gamla bilder och jag har inte varit där på ett tag.... mycket har kommit emellan - ombyggnaden mm mm, men jag längtar dit, verkligen längtar....har ni inte varit där så se till att ta er dit...jag säger bara det....