19 November 2015

November thoughts!!

Oh I just love dots on the glass, Christmas desires.
Two pics from my garden from 2013, time flies. Thougt the red berries were suitable pic at this time of the year.

16 October 2015

Before and after....


Here he is my husband, always working.....but now....
he is on his way to Houston Texas

07 October 2015

Autumn and I am back

Wonderful spring, summer and now autumn.
the old man did a tremendous job early spring must show the old pics so you can see the difference. I am really glad that we did it even if it was very empty in front of the house....
Second pic is from opposite side and third pic is the path to the garden and green house.

These pic below are just wonderful views from Sweden

Have a wonderful week
Love Inger

06 January 2015

Potpurri....and welcome 2015

Lovely Christmas with children at home , great food , we played games, playing and eating,new game purchased by the girls. We girls went at SPA weekend in Poland no PICs here , really had fun with them .... ,
 A funeral of a very dear friend who we both lack tremendously. .........and now is life back to normal or, no it will never be the same and what are our new plans??

Hope you all ha a nice Christmas and wish you all
a good 2015, take care... 

05 November 2014

The end of October....

Unbelievable weather this fall, once upon a time I lived north of Stockholm or should I write in the middle of Sweden. At that time the winters were very cold, late November, it was always minus 20 degrees. Must admit I like it when its wamer, but I dont like the reason.

Still no time for my ART, my work is taking all my time (as an interior designer) but thats also art but there is a lot of time when it isnt.......
Take care

27 October 2014

Hoping for once a week...

Once a week is what I will manage to write on this blog. Lots of work during the week and trying to do other nice things on the weekend.

My thoughts has gone to a dear young person who has passed away- cancer. It is so sad , and somehow it's hard not to think about it, but this is life, and it is important to remember to live now!!

Today, Monday, a wonderful day, have to do some work in the office , and then it is easy to end up here .....

 Guess the flower above ???

Must have been very upset when I took this photo, but the colours were just adorable.

Take care of you, family and friends!!
See you next week