29 June 2014

Absent.....there is so many other things than this BLOG

Sorry but thats the truth.........
This weekend has at least 1,000 gardens open throughout Sweden, I managed to visit two and a also a building that I've drawn..........I will be back to show some pics later

Ulrikas Rosträdgård:  Torna Hällestad, Sweden. I designed their extension to the house, now with the entrance to the cellar at the entrance hall, dont have to go outside inte the winter to get to the
laundry room.

Next visit is Södra Sandby Sweden. Maria www.almbacken.se 
One of my good student who went Furnishings Line at People's University, really fun to follow her blog and her rampage in the garden.
I must admit there was loads of visitors.

A really nice day and no rain on me ....... beautiful!