09 March 2014

Redoing thats the word...

That's the  word -REDOING or more like starting from the beginning......gosh it would be nice to say: yes we are ready and I only hade to take away some leaves, here and there but its just vice versa...

The two pictures above are from the front of the house, but honestly this was the backside before.
We always sit and eat here and its shady in the summer even if its close to where people pass by it still very nice and cozy. Plans are to paint the fence with dark FALURÖDFÄRG and when I write dark its nearly black. This is going to be done with all our fences. There are more to come just here where we sit. The pots are soon 15 years old and have done their job, now we are saving some of the plants and throwing away the rest.

The last pic is from the inside garden, and in the background you can see the muddy part where the new greenhouse is going to stand and even more fences are planned and gosh that's only 1/3 of the garden......so it will take some years ahead before we can enjoy the garden......or is it now that I should enjoy it????

                                                    Hope you all have had a nice weekend!!!